Minneapolis For Everyone – What can I do about it?

Public comment of the 2040 Comp plan will close on July 22. We will continue to lobby the mayor and the council members up until then and after. This will be a crucial period in the next two months. City planners want folks only to respond to the plan on the 2040 Comp Plan Website. They will then be able to manipulate the data they give to our elected officials. Feel free to go to the Plan website and comment.

More importantly, contact the mayor and council members directly about your concerns about the plan including: Upzoning, fourplexes everywhere in the city, teardowns of existing affordable housing for fourplexes, lack of parking for new developments, elimination of neighborhood small area plans and the shoreline ordinance, and destruction of neighborhood character. We appreciate your efforts.

1. Learn

The Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan intends to dramatically reshape our city.  Read about what it intends to do.


2. Contact the Decision-Makers

These changes will substantially affect your life.  Let the decision-makers know about your concerns.

Send a note to Mayor Frey today!

Contact your Council Member

3. Stay Informed

Sign up for updates about meetings on the Comprehensive Plan.  Note that we will not share your contact information nor bother you with unimportant information.


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