Do you know what's in the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan?

The City’s draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan has many of the right goals. But its strategies won’t work because they were drawn up without meaningful community input. As a result, the plan will benefit developers at the expense of neighborhoods and local businesses, families, older people and the disabled.

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“In this story line, in the name of fighting evictions and displacement, we progressives, we communities of color, we poor people and immigrants, we working-class queers stupidly don’t realize that luxury development now will eventually become the affordable housing of the future! It’s simple supply-and-demand they say, Econ 101, and we obviously didn’t go to college if we don’t understand that simple truth.

They say we foolish activists abuse environmental regulations and planning processes that allow for democratic participation to stop or slow development. So the answer to the problem is to do away with those pesky regulations, limit public input, and give up on any attempt to get real estate developers to mitigate their impacts on our neighborhoods.”

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Along with the Star Tribune editorial board, Minneapolis for Everyone supports the goals of Minneapolis 2040 — especially regarding racial and economic disparities, increasing affordable housing and protecting (not merely “tending to”) the environment.   Unlike the editorial board, however, we believe the plan’s strategies lack the focus and specificity necessary to achieve those critical goals. We propose the City Council enhance the plan with the following amendments, which are based in good public policy and economic realities.   Assess the environmental impactsof the 2040 plan before it is adopted, with a full and timely Environmental Impact Statement type of process. Preserve the state-mandated Shore Land Overlay Ordinancewith its requirements for height and distance from lakes, creeks, rivers and parkland;…

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  • Click here to learn about events and meetings for the 2040 plan
  • Click here to contact the city, mayor, and your council member to let them you about your concerns as well as ask for a meeting, updates, and a fair process.

Party With a Purpose: Smart Growth Minneapolis Happy Hour

When: Thursday, October 25, 5:00-7:00 pm.
What: Get informed – demand that the City of Minneapolis not approve the plan without an environmental study
Where: The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis 410 Oak Grove St, Minneapolis, MN
JOIN US: View Event on Eventbrite

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