How to See what the Comp Plan Means for You

There are a lot of people who have been confused about how to understand what the Minneapolis 2040 Comp Plan means for them.  To help people understand, the City has put up a map. You can locate your home and click on the zoning code to find out what the City wants for where you live.

Finding this map on the website can be hard so I wrote this piece to help people find out what is planned for their neighborhood.

You can find the Comp Plan information at the website:

If you look to the left, you will see something that says:  Topics.  Click on that and scroll down.

You will see a number of pictures you can click on. Click on Land Use and Built Form.  It looks like this:

Pic 1

That will take you here:


If you scroll down, you will see two maps.  The bottom one looks like this:

Pic 3

You can use the + and – buttons on the upper left to zoom into the specific part of the map that you are interested in.  When you click on the parcel you are interested in, a pop-up will come up with information about what the zoning code means for that parcel.

The pop-up for my house looks like this:

Pic 4

If you scroll down, you can see a picture of what the City intends your neighborhood to look like under this Comp Plan.  It will achieve that by changing the zoning code to allow certain kinds of development.  You can see that although my street is single family bungalow, the City intends that my street become fourplexes.


If you have concerns about what you see, you can submit comments in a big green box right below the map.  (note this is a picture – you need to go to the actual website to submit comments…)

Pic 6


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