About Minneapolis For Everyone

Who are we to tell you about the 2040 Plan?

We’re concerned citizens and residents. Neighbors who want the best for all of our city’s neighborhoods. Homeowner and renters. Young and old. Like you, we want to see Minneapolis thrive and benefit all residents.

We established this website because we have concerns about the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan and want our friends and neighbors to be informed about the impact it could have on our neighborhoods, communities, and city as a whole.

Minneapolis for Everyone is a nonprofit organization that opposes the Minneapolis 2040 plan because it:

  • Discriminates in housing and transportation against families with children, the disabled, the elderly, and people with low income.
  • Takes neighborhood planning away from neighborhoods and centralizes it in City Hall.
  • Prompts more density than required by the Met Council, at the expense of quality of life and the environment.

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