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The draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan prioritizes biking, walking and transit usage over driving. While we support alternative forms of transportation, only about 4 percent of trips are taken by bike, 5 percent by transit and 5 percent by walking. This plan unfairly pits groups against each other. Car users and bikers, elders and youth, able-bodied and physically challenged, elders and youth, childless and families.

In practical terms the City has been deliberately making it harder to drive. It has narrowed streets like 26th and 28th Streets, the Plymouth Avenue Bridge, The Franklin Avenue Bridge, Blaisdell Avenue and many other streets.

It has been deliberately removing existing parking and allowing developers to build new housing without parking. It is now harder to get to jobs, schools and family and this plan makes it worse.

Who is harmed by this?

  • Working parents who have to take their kids to daycare before work (approximately 20% of Minneapolis residents)
  • Working poor who have two or three jobs (20%)
  • Young people under the age of 18 (20%)
  • Older residents over 65 (10%)
  • People under 65 with disabilities  (9%)

All of these people are harmed when the can’t get to school or jobs or to the doctor or to shopping.

We need a balanced, multi-modal transportation system that works for everyone —-walkers, bikers, transit riders and drivers.

Learn more about problems with the current draft plan:
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