Sign the Petition!

Rework the Minneapolis 2040 Plan didn’t write the attached petition but we agree with the thoughts and also encourage signers to contact our City electeds and make comments on the actual plan website. This petition was crafted by a small group of upset citizens from multiple wards.

To Mayor Frey and Members of the City Council:

We, the undersigned voters, come from all parts of Minneapolis. We are all ages, races, religions, creeds and sexual orientations. We come from a wide range of economic backgrounds. We are single or have partners or are married. Some of us have children or grandchildren; others of us don’t. We are artists and teachers and firefighters and corporate business people and city workers and writers and restaurant workers and nurses and lawyers and small business owners. We are your community. Given all of these differences, it is unusual for us to unite behind a single cause. But you’ve managed to make it happen. Because when it comes to your 2040 Plan, we bring you one clear message:


Click here to read the full petition and sign!


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