Minneapolis For Everyone – Bulldozing Our Neighborhoods


Minneapolis is a city that has not respected its history. We demolished the Metropolitan Building. We blocked Nicollet Avenue. We bulldozed much of North Minneapolis. All in the name of progress. Minneapolis needs more housing but higher density does not belong everywhere. Our neighborhoods are our strength. We must not sacrifice what is unique about Minneapolis to a misguided concept of progress.

Minneapolis needs to add more housing. But one size should not fit all. The Metropolitan Council says that the City needs to add about 1,000 units a year for the next 20 years. There is still substantial amounts of land available in the downtown, along transit corridors and in undeveloped sites to accommodate this growth. There is no need to open all of our neighborhoods to bulldozers.

Finally, under the draft plan the City will no longer require developers to provide parking for new housing. Recently a 36 story condominium was built in Loring Park without parking and if this plan is implemented, much more will be built. This housing is simply not usable by families with children, the elderly and the disabled.

Learn more about problems with the current draft plan:
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